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The past, present and future of image formats

Published on 2021-08-18

Anyone who has dabbled in website creation, has no doubt had to wrangle with an image codec. You have to do this because of bandwidth, ...

My opinions on different cryptocurrencies

Published on 2021-05-05

Interested in cryptocurrency? Well, finding good information, or even a no BS guide can be tricky. I think newcommers should find trustworthy people online, see ...

What I Use: Jan 2021 Edition

Published on 2021-01-26

I am thinking of doing a (bi-?)yearly report on the stuff I use. Just to give any reader a good perspective on how I use ...

Open Source Games

Published on 2020-07-14

Today I would like to list some excellent open source computer games that I would recommend people play. It is truly a breath of fresh ...

A look at the Gemini protocol: a brutally simple alternative to the web

Published on 2020-06-18

I have really come to hate the World Wide Web. It is bloated at every level! Websites themselves are doubling in size at an alarming ...

Best Linux music player: mpd

Published on 2020-06-10

Update 2021-09-15: fixes and clarity I always struggled to find a good music player a couple of years ago. In order for a music player ...

A brief look at Void Linux

Published on 2019-02-26

Article expanded mid-2020. Fixes 2021-09-15. Minimalism The minimalism Void offers is very clear from browsing the homepage. The community goes to many lengths to keep ...